About Haven
There is a huge world of furnishings available to me as a designer that you don’t ever get exposed to because many of them are “to the trade” only. I wanted to bring many of those things to the public. As much as I love designing spaces for clients, I am doing just that, designing them to meet the clients’ taste. With “Haven” I get to buy things that I love.

”Haven” is a collection of items that appeal to me personally, and hopefully to those that come into the store. It’s so wonderful when people walk into the store and say “I love it in here, I want to live here.”

I also wanted to bring in some fun accessories, you can never have too many of those! I love being able to go to trade shows, antique markets, anywhere I can... and buy fun and exciting new and vintage furniture and bring it back to the store to share with everyone.

You can view Robin's design firm here.

1646 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA 02420
(781) 862-0411

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